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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Assurance


What are the benefits of outsourcing quality assurance with Moetivations, Inc.?


  • Save money! PSAPs avoid having to staff additional personnel to fill the quality assurance role.
  • Save time! Understaffed PSAPs avoid the stress and hassle of finding time for internal staff to review calls. 
  • Ensure objectivity! Utililzing an experienced and objective third party QA team means there is never any bias during the call review process.
  • Ensure compliance! Through consistent review,  feedback, and objective recommendations, the Moetivations QA team can easily identify and improve adherence to current industry best practices and standards. 


What qualifications/experience does the Moetivations quality assurance team have?

Our QA team has over 60 years of combined experience in dispatch centers, including director and supervisor positions. We have multiple certifications, such as Emergency Number Professional (ENP), NENA Communications Center Manager, FEMA NIMS All-Hazard Communications Leaders, APCO Comprehensive Quality Assurance, CTOs, IAEDQ, APCO Active Shooter, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, FEMA National Response Framework, and more.  In addition, many of the QA staff members have been with Moetivations since the start of the program. 


What makes Moetivations' QA service stand out from other third party QA programs? 

Moetivations prides itself on providing custom QA programs that are uniquely tailored to meet the client agency's needs.  We guide the client through individualized program setup,  scorecard processing, QA policy development, and job aide recommendations designed to enhance call-taking performance. We don't just review PSAP calls; we guide our clients toward their QA goals.


How are calls selected for quality assurance?

The calls are randomly selected and balanced across all disciplines and staff.


How do you account for agency policies or procedures? 

Overall industry standards and best practices are followed. Before beginning a QA program, we share our quality assurance scorecards with management so that they can review them and voice any concerns they have that are outside of their current policies and/or practice. Our QA team requests a copy of any policies/procedures that that the client agency would like to have considered, and where possible they are incorporated into the scorecards.


Is there a process in place for ensuring that Moetivations' staff provides consistent feedback and scores?

The Moetivations QA Program Manager facilitates a calibration meeting each month whereby all QA staff review the same call sample independently of each other. A QA staff discussion is then held  to review call scores and establish common call-taking practices for the client agency.


Is there a way for PSAP staff to appeal a score?

Yes. PSAPs are asked to contact their Moetivations QA team lead as soon as it is brought to their attention that a scorecard is being questioned.  Each appeal is presented to a different QA team member to review the call again.  The best score of the two is kept.


How long is it before a client agency can begin to see improvement in overall PSAP call-taking performance?

Typically, PSAPs see the most improvement by the third month. In the first month, the QA staff begins reviewing and scoring calls. During the second month there is usually a drop in scores due to the client agency becoming acclimated to receiving and incorporating feedback from the QA staff. By month three, the PSAP has implemented the recommended improvements and the scores begin to improve.


Is there additional assistance available if a specific area needs improvement?

Yes. The Moetivations QA team provides monthly job aide recommendations that are geared toward specific areas of improvement within the client agency.  In addition, client agencies are encouraged to make requests for further assistance if they feel there are additional areas where help is needed.


How does the feedback and reporting to agencies work?

Scorecards are completed with each call that is reviewed.  Immediately upon completion they are uploaded to a shared drive for PSAP management to access and distribute to their staff in accordance with their feedback procedure. This allows an opportunity for constant review of scores by management as well as encourages the opportunity for one-on-one review and improvement opportunities.  These scorecards are provided to PSAP management on a monthly and quarterly basis.


We also strive to establish close working relationships with our client agencies in order to maintain a high level of comfort between agency management and staff and their Moetivations QA team.   We love communicating with our clients and we are always just a phone call away!


Does Moetivations provide references from current or previous QA clients? 

Absolutely! We are very proud of the QA services we provide and are more than willing to share references upon request.


How do I get a quote or obtain further information?

Contact us anytime at 303-993-7850 or and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.








 Leadership Development


Who are your training courses for?

Our training courses are designed for 911/Public Safety agencies wishing to enhance the leadership skills of veteran managers, develop leadership abilities in new supervisors, improve employee job performance and professionalism, and for agency management and staff needing news skills to cope with challenging projects and changes.


Are the courses taught online or in person by an instructor?

All courses are taught at a client’s location of choice by an industry professional with at least 15 years of public safety experience. Online course options will become available in 2019.


How long is each training course?

Each course taught by an onsite instructor usually lasts between 4-8 hours (approximate) depending on course content, client training needs, and designated time for instructor-trainee engagement (i.e. Q&A periods, situation role play, etc.).


Are your courses customizable?

Although each training course has been specially designed with pre-selected training course material, Moetivations works with each client to understand their specific needs to see where course content or training objectives might need to be modified. For example, in some cases a standard 8 hr. course may need to be shortened to a 6 hr. course due to a pre-existing time constraint. In this case, Moetivations will work with the client to determine which course material can be shortened or removed in order to accommodate the client’s schedule.


Are these courses certified by APCO, NENA, or any other industry or professional association?

Our courses have been approved by some state public safety administrators, but in most cases our courses are not required to be certified. We address training certification requirements on a case-by-case basis and, where necessary, will work with a state’s 9-1-1 administrator to obtain approval of course delivery.


Does Moetivations provide references from previous training clients? 

Absolutely! We are proud of the content and delivery of our courses and are more than willing to share references upon request.


How do I get a quote, order a course or get further information?

Moetivations follows an 8-step process for assisting clients with their leadership and professional development needs (please view this list on our Leadership Development page). Following the completion of Step 1, Moetivations will present the client with a quote for the training course selected. Then after purchase of the course, a Moetivations representative will work with the client on  Steps 2-8.


For further information, please contact us at 303-993-7850 or at and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.








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