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Utilizing her 24 years of experience working closely with leaders, managers, and dispatchers in the 9-1-1/Public Safety sector, Maureen has designed highly acclaimed training courses that are critical to the success of PSAP and emergency call center operations.


Change Management

PSAP teams must always be prepared for the unexpected. In an evironment where technology, staffing, and community are ever-changing, managers must understand more than just policies, processes, and tactical components. They must also understand people. Change Management will help you learn how to master the human side of PSAP changes.



Based upon the Six Pillars of Character, this course teaches telecommmunicators how to positively approach critical incidents and thrive while coping with continuous situational stress. Character-In-Crisis will also cover how to provide quality responses and professionalism in moments of crisis.


Communications with Purpose

Is it difficult to effectively communicate your professional needs and goals to others? Is communication amongst co-workers and

between supervisors and staff causing too much stress within the workplace, resulting in poor organizational performance?

Communications with Purpose is designed to teach effective ways to improve workplace production, organizational goal achievement, and career path management through better written and oral communication skills.


Essentials in Communications

Effective communication skills are essential to coping with situational stress and reducing the long-term impact of crisis related tension. Essentials in Communications  is designed to provide attendees with the communication skills and resources necessary for developing and supporting a healthy and stable work environment as well as improving workplace performance and career management.


Hire and Inspire

Too often new hires are treated as if they haven't paid their dues. Others fall back into complacency or "drain out." Hire and Inspire is a course that not only focuses on hiring for career development, but teaches professional coaching, interview skills, brand management, interviewing within agencies, career-path planning, and tips for inspiring all staffs to THRIVE.


Project Management

The basic course will arm attendees with tools necessary for effectively managing PSAP-related projects, such as department moves and additions, working with vendors on new product installations, and incorporating technology upgrades and enhancements. An optional extended course includes the basic  course agenda as well as instruction on how to manage risk, interpersonal conflict, training preparation, workplace change, and professional feedback, all of which are crucial to successful project execution. 






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