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Utilizing her 25 years of experience working closely with leaders, managers, dispatchers, and law enforcement officials in 9-1-1/ Public Safety, Maureen has developed highly acclaimed leadership and professional development training courses that are designed to improve the success and professionalism of emergency call center operations and agency staff.


To ensure that clients are matched with the appropriate

course(s) that best meets their needs, Moetivations guides each client through the following 8-step process:


  • Step 1:  Client training needs discovery and goals assessment
  • Step 2: Course and training site selection and registration
  • Step 3: Pre-training survey of attendees
  • Step 4: Course content modification/customization (if required)
  • Step 5: Course instruction (onsite training class delivery)
  • Step 6: Post-training survey of attendees
  • Step 7: Recommendations for further action, where necessary
  • Step 8: 'Executive Readout' (detailed summary of steps 1-7)


Below is an overview of the onsite courses offered by Moetivations:


Change Management

PSAP teams must always be prepared for the unexpected. In an

environment where technology, staffing, and community are ever-changing, managers must understand more than just policies, processes, and tactical components. They must also understand people. Change Management will help you learn how to master the human side of call center changes.



Supervisors and dispatchers frequently experience behavioral challenges during and after critical incidents. These behavioral challenges can subsequently lead to problems that interfere with performance in the workplace. Character-In-Crisis teaches telecommunicators how to maintain composure, professionalism, and the ability to thrive while coping with continuous situational stress.


Communications With Purpose

Is it difficult to effectively communicate your professional needs and goals to others? Is poor communication amongst co-workers, and between supervisors and staff, causing elevated stress in the workplace resulting in poor organizational performance? Communications With Purpose is designed to teach effective ways to improve workplace production, organizational goal achievement, and career path management through better communication skills.



Essentials In Communications

Effective communication skills are essential for coping with situational stress and reducing long-term impact of crisis related tension. When stress and personal wellness are properly  managed, professionalism improves. Essentials In Communications is designed to provide soft skills and resources necessary for supporting a healthy and stable work environment.


Hire & Inspire

Too often new hires are treated as if they haven't "paid their dues." Veteran employees, over time, can become complacent, uninspired, and eventually "drain out." Hire & Inspire is a course that focuses on successful integration of new hires into an organization, planning for staff career development, and keeping employees motivated and performing.


Online Training at

Moetivations has expanded into online leadership and professional development course delivery. At, clients have access to a larger training library along with the convenience of completing courses according to their schedule.


For further information on, please contact us at or 303-993-7850. 



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