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Moetivations, Inc. is a professional development and personal training skills organization with a long history of making a difference in the Public Safety industry.


Professional DevelopmentMaureen Dieckmann, Founder and CEO, has over 25 years of people management, technology training and customer relationship building experience. Coming from a family of emergency management, Maureen has dedicated over 18 years to the betterment of first responders. specific to the public safety industry. Her 9-1-1 specific training programs focus on rehabilitating stressed environments.


Our Leadership Development and Keynote Sessions teach supervising teams and Directors best practices in a ‘lead by example’ and encouraging sort of way. Through humor, realistic examples, and life stories, we help overworked team leaders create strategies where they can motivate, encourage and retain staff. Where managers can feel productive, improve overall team skills, and understand consequences. 

  • Essential Communications
  • Moetivational Mondays

Professional and personal skills training courses are too often set aside as low priority…in your budgeting and in your daily practice. However, it is proven that leaders in crisis are best suited for responding and coordinating efficiently when their soft skills and communications styles are well honed and professionally developed.


The fact of the matter is that when you develop your professional skills and use appropriate and efficient communications on a regular basis, it will be natural and smooth to tap into leadership experience, strengths, and appropriate reactions during crisis scenarios.

Our most motivational courses are changing lives, making a difference, and reducing stress in 9-1-1 Communications Centers all over the nation. Below are some of the courses we offer:

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Career Developement
  • Communications With Purpose
  • Character In Crisis
  • Change Management
  • Multi-Generation Communications
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Policy
  • Vendor Liaison
// Communicating with Purpose   // Character in Crisis   // Project Management

We encourage clarity on individual purpose, managing stress, goal setting, career development, and provide information sharing environments. We provide real world application and examples for reducing gossip, bullying and conflict.



This Character in Crisis course focuses on real world examples, application of character in the workplace, anti-bullying, improving individual character traits, values, and morale, creating crisis response skills that stand the test of time.



This Project Management course digs deep into project communications. Building teams and partners with external entities, and managing technology associated vendors in order to support your unique emergency response needs.


Goal:  Professional Career Development, How to Keep on Keepin’ on. Setting both personal and professional goals, embracing change environments, and promoting positive communications styles.


Goal:  Setting your team up for drawing on appropriate experience, responses and behavior during crisis scenarios, while applying improved habits during daily activity and reducing internal conflict.


Goal:  Student will leave better able to clearly articulate: User Expectations, Project Management; Statement of Work ‘fine print’ and use positive conflict resolution techniques.






// Social Media


// Change Management


 // Peer to Peer Community


This course teaches you the best practices of managing a social media policy. learn Mission Critical and Time Sensitive Messaging which provides important information during emergencies or disasters, time critical events, public relations/reputation management, and vetting job candidates. 



This course teaches change readiness and is based on the understanding that an agency’s forward momentum is impacted by the individuals within, whether minor or significant, changes will either enhance or degrade productivity and morale.


MOEConnect is the first of its kind, a PRIVATE, Online forum designed for Public Safety and 9-1-1 Dispatchers to seek answers for questions, coaching, and mentoring. It is the place to seek advice from fellow peers across the country to personal & professional challenges going on in your life. 

Goal:   Advice on the do's and don’ts of social media posting, how to use Social Media to save lives and strengthen community relations, and creating Rules of Engagement for your agency to protect your people. 



Goal:   Top Stressors of Change, the Readiness Techniques that make changes easier, how to be a change agent, the three approaches to successful change, and how to make Change stick. 



Goal:  Your feedback about continuing the tools to receive feedback and coaching has been heard! The Peer Community is a safe haven for you to connect to other Peers around the country for positive reinforcement and to help with crisis during a crisis. It is a safe, anonymous, closed group to voice your feedback and continue to be motivated long after our classes! 





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