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 Why Outsource Quality Assurance (QA)?


Our Quality Assurance Team




Call-taking and dispatching teams are fielding more calls than ever before, often times with limited staffing. Add to that the ever-increasing service level expectations of the community, ongoing introduction of new telecommunications technologies, and a growing list of industry quality standards, it can easily become too time consuming and costly to consistently meet QA evaluation goals without outside assistance.


At Moetivations, we are dedicated to your quality of service objectives. We are thorough in following accepted QA protocols and consistent in compliance to industry standards. Our clients will tell you that they appreciate the objectivity of our independent reviews and notice quick improvement in the professionalism of their teams.


Our Team-On-Demand QA Managers and Public Safety professionals are committed to supporting your staff where shortages exist and where advanced quality service performance is required. Our 9-1-1 and PSAP management experts are certified in their fields of expertise, trained to support you, and tackle the QA tasks that you have neither the time nor the resources to accomplish on your own.


Team On Demand members are highly skilled Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAEs) with expertise in reporting, training, policy documentation, and 9-1-1 Management best practices. Our mission is to help you become fully QA compliant!


Quality Assurance Goals

We use timely feedback to compose and adopt policies and procedures that support continuous improvement. We listen and report for:

  • Attitude – Tone of voice, empathy and community service.
  • Protocol –  Applying policy and procedures as agreed upon; applying NENA and other industry related standards; growing your agency to compliance with related      certifications as needed (Police, Fire, and EMS protocols).  
  • Compliance –  Listening to pre-determined percentages of calls; assuring that the maximum percentage of customer service performance processes and standards are met.
  • Documentation – QAEs document, report, implement policy changes, and write job and training aids.



Moetivations utilizes industry accepted APCO/NENA voluntary standards which describe recommended policies and a QA program launch roadmap. We define internal Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement (QA/QI) standards based on Industry Best Practices. All QA/QI programs, processes, and requests for release of information comply with all applicable federal, tribal, state/provincial, and local laws, rules, and regulations.


Our program includes setting up QA/QI processes and procedures, documentation, and assigning responsibilities. Moetivations QA/QI evaluators follow the standards and recommendations while setting goals that the PSAP can easily manage in a step-by-step “crawl, walk, run” model.


Our Quality Assurance Evaluators (QAEs) are periodically assessed to ensure they are being objective and clear in their evaluations and are providing the following level of services:


  • PSAP personnel receive prompt feedback, based on call types, and receive recommendations for training and coaching support.
  • QA service program provides short-term and long-term reporting focused on call-taking performance improvement.
  • Scorecards are provided and revised continuously based on agency needs and regional priorities. They include compliance with protocols, policies, and procedures, and also drive customer service excellence.


For further information on our QA services, please contact us at or 303-993-7850.











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